Bug fixing assistance

Leave it to the experts

Security loopholes in your assets lend a helping hand to hackers to penetrate your systems and cause data breaches. Such security breaches not only cause data theft and financial losses, but also a loss of your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Our vulnerability management and bug fixing experts work with your development teams to Prioritize risks and correct software vulnerabilities.

Bug Management System

A platform to help your developers fix bugs faster.

Phoenix TechnoCyber's bug management system is provided exclusively to our customers. Phoenix TechnoCyber's knowledge base provides contextual stack specific bug fixes to your developers. Phoenix TechnoCyber helps developers understand the security bug, it's impact and remediation. Developers can directly interact with Phoenix TechnoCyber's leading white hat team to fix the security loopholes.

Security is an investment, not an expense.

We also provide training and education on software security to your teams, help you define your security protocol and vulnerability management policy and adopt a culture of security, organisation-wide.

What we do
  • Bug fixing assistance
  • Vulnerability management