Cyber Security for Media Companies

Organisations in the broadcasting, entertainment, publishing, creative and advertising sectors hold vast quantities of highly valuable information such as recordings, manuscripts, and research. Those that fail to implement appropriate security measures in a fast-evolving digital landscape risk leaving this data exposed to theft and piracy.

Many media companies are expected to maintain an ‘always on’ presence, creating and sharing content on a continuous basis, often with partners across the distribution chain. The disruption caused by cyber-attacks can therefore inflict significant financial, operational and reputational damage.

Common cyber security challenges in the media sector include

  • •   Protecting intellectual property
  • •   Defending rapidly evolving infrastructures against targeted attacks
  • •   Securing content management systems
  • •   Preventing state or political interference
  • •   Achieving compliance with data protection standards
Key security questions for media companies
  • •   Is data protected against unauthorised processing, loss and destruction?

  • •   How often are websites and CMS tested for vulnerabilities?

  • •   Are suitable security controls in place to prevent sophisticated threats?

  • •   Are systems able to identify threats that bypass the perimeter?

  • •   Is there a plan in place to detect, remediate and report breaches?

  • •   What systems and controls are in place to mitigate insider and supply chain threats?

  • •   Is payment processing PCI DSS compliant?