Meet the Leadership Team


Technology evolves every minute, as do security concerns. It takes an army of skilled security engineers to keep up with these rapid changes and to help protect your assets against imminent attacks. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of security experts works with a focused approach to nurture long-term customer relationships, taking end-to-end responsibility for application security.

Skills and Certifications


Lead by experts, Phoenix TechnoCyber brims with interesting twists on traditional ways of operating. Our team of certified White Hat Hackers with diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the world, carry an overall experience of 10 years in breaking applications apart.
What makes us undeniably good is our core philosophy of getting the best minds in the business, measured by various standards conceptual creativity, speed, problem solving ability and brute force implementation.
Our certifications speak about our expertise. Phoenix TechnoCyber aims at providing highly skilled and offensive white hat hackers who are fast, reliable and trustworthy.
Our team holds the world-class certifications.