Application Security Quotient

How mature is your App Security Posture?

Measure your app security posture - Benchmark Against Peers - Identify Gaps - Prioritize Risks - Create Road Map

Having secured over 3000 applications over a period of 6 years and after 300 customer engagements, TechOwl has developed an Application Security Maturity Scoring process called the ASQ, or Application Security Quotient.

The ASQ is a benchmarking activity providing a score on 100, that gives an overview of how well your product is protected from risks and threats. It helps provide a continuous evaluation and integrate the right tools and processes into your software to achieve long-term, proactive security.


Integrate security into your DNA

Security is an investment, not an expense. We encourage business leaders to adopt a culture of security to inculcate global best practices from day one of developing their product. Taking a systematic approach to reduce risks, we help build a system that is not compromised on agility, performance or security.

Compliance Management

Which compliance standards are right for you?

Compliance certifications improve your credibility and have a positive impact on your brand’s reputation. Choosing the right compliance standards to suit your industry and business can be a mammoth task. It not only needs a thorough understanding of how your internal business processes work but also an insight into how compliance standards and regulations work within your industry.

We partner with businesses worldwide to help identify the most suitable compliance standards and handhold them to achieve certifications.