Cloud Security

Your data is our responsibility.

Many organizations assume that cloud security is the cloud provider’s responsibility. This isn’t entirely true. It is your data, and you need to take ample measures to ensure that you protect it, every minute. We help you protect your assets including your customer data, platforms, applications, operating systems and networks that you put on the cloud. We also help with access management and encryption to ensure that all your information is protected from malicious attacks and compliance issues.

Case Study

Fortifying & Securing customer's AWS cloud

Customer is a leading SaaS company with 3000 SMEs as customers. Customer was aiming to comply with GDPR and needed external support in fortifying its cloud instances. Phoenix TechnoCyber hardened customer's cloud resources as per CIS standard and configured WAF, Load balancers. Phoenix TechnoCyber also provided security best practices for DevOps.

Understanding cloud security

Cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, GCP, and others have limited responsibility for securing your information. It is important for business leaders to clearly understand the division of accountability and be prepared with all the tools and resources to secure your assets on the cloud.

What we do

Our cloud security expertise covers public, private and hybrid cloud models, across a variety of top cloud vendors including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

We offer
  • Cloud security penetration tests
  • OS Configuration tests
  • Architecture reviews
  • Firewall testing
  • Load and performance tests
  • DoS and DDoS tests
  • Security groups implementation testing